Flowing Pilates was founded in 2010 by Florence Benichou. Florence's lifelong love is dance. She studied dance in France and the United States.

Recognizing the power of Pilates work, Florence decided to incorporate pilates into her practice and was fully certified as a teacher at the Kane School in New York City in 2009 in Mat and Equipment. Traveling all over the world, she wanted to find a way to share her pilates practice regardless of location.


Our Mission

Connecting people with their bodies so they can experience their lives more fully and teaching them to live pain and stress free lives.  Flowing Pilates is about helping others to be happy, healthy and more alive.


Florence was an unbelievable instructor for my pilates based physical therapy. Her enthusiasm, technical expertise and ability to make even a core workout fun, made coming to my sessions something I actually enjoyed. I recovered from two separate injuries and avoided any surgery in huge part thanks to Florence. I could not recommend working with her more.
— Kevin M.

Working with Florence over the last 1yr+ has been great. My strength and flexibility have increased substantially. She knows how to push her clients while always keeping sessions entertaining.
— Chad F.
Florence is extremely focused and mission-oriented during our sessions, and the results show. I’ve come to learn a lot more about my body from working with her, and it has helped me in my own workouts as well as in my day to day life. I highly recommend her.
— Jay B.
Florence is absolutely incredible! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain strength and mobility, correct their posture, and increase their flexibility. I can’t begin to say enough positive words about Florence.
— Lacey K.