Physical Therapy Pilates


A combination program of Physical Therapy + Pilates customized to your physical needs. You will be pain-free and armed with knowledge on how to heal yourself through movement.


Program options



If you have an injury and can’t move or are experiencing intense pain, this option is for you.

The program will start with 1-hour, at-home Physical Therapy sessions twice a week, until you are stabilized. Then, you will receive one Physical Therapy session and one Pilates session each week. As you regain your strength, you will continue with two in-person or virtual Pilates sessions per week.

*Home Physical Therapy sessions are out-of-pocket.


A combination of in-clinic Physical Therapy and in-person or virtual Pilates sessions.

Flowing Pilates works with several clinics in Midtown Manhattan that can provide the Physical Therapy sessions. The Flowing Pilates sessions will be customized according to your need.

*In-clinic Physical Therapy sessions may be covered by your insurance.


A combination of virtual Physical Therapy and Pilates sessions.

A Physical Therapist will guide you through a 30-min or 1-hour virtual session once or twice a week, depending on your need. Flowing Pilates virtual sessions will be scheduled and customized according to your need.

*Telemedicine sessions are out-of-pocket.