flexistretcher pilates


Flowing Pilates is certified in the Flexistretcher system. We offer in-person and virtual sessions to train you how to use the tool correctly and maximize the benefits. Contact us to learn more.

*Flowing Pilates clients receive a 10% discount on any purchases of the Flexistretcher.


what is the Flexistetcher?

Designed by a former ballerina, the Flexistretcher is a light and portable tool that mimics the effects of the Pilates Reformer machine.

what are the benefits?

The tool is designed to increase resistance, help with flexibility and proper body alignment, and give your core a deeper workout. But, if and only if you know how to use it properly.


Starting in Fall, 2019, Flowing Pilates will offer small group Flexistretcher classes for beginners and pros, in New York and Europe. Contact us to learn more.