Hello, I’m flo Benichou.

My Mission

I founded Flowing Pilates in 2010 to teach the power that comes from proper movement, and to show others how to strengthen and heal their body.

My background

I have been learning about movement and proper body alignment since I was a child, when I started pursuing my lifelong love of dance. I studied in France and the United States, and became a fully certified Pilates instructor at the Kane School in New York City in 2009. In 2010, I founded Flowing Pilates to empower others to realign and strengthen their bodies, and live a pain- and stress-free life.


my approach



Immobility is a problem that leads to recurring pain. My approach starts with movement that heals your body as a whole; it’s not just a localized problem I am treating, it’s your core. The in-person and virtual sessions combine Pilates with Rehabilitation — or, if needed, Physical Therapy — to realign your body, release pain, and reinvigorate your flow. Then, we increase the intensity and push your body to the next level, creating lasting strength and power.

pilates on the go

As a frequent traveler, I know how challenging it can be to maintain your practice and fitness routine if you’re always on the go. This is why I created the Flowing Pilates Virtual Class model, allowing my clients to maintain their practice, anytime, anywhere — but always with my guidance. Learn more about it.